Inquiry Maths is a model of teaching that encourages students to regulate their own activity while exploring a mathematical statement (called a prompt). Inquiries can involve a class on diverse paths of exploration or in listening to a teacher's explanation. In Inquiry Maths, students take responsibility for directing the lesson with the teacher acting as the arbiter of legitimate mathematical activity.

Learning through inquiry What students say

My independent learning ability has improved. It made me think outside the box! (year 11)
Having a say in what we do makes me work harder. (year 10)
I ask lots more questions in maths after doing inquiry lessons. Last week I made up my own inquiry on enlargements. (year 8)
I benefited from an inquiry lesson as I could show how I proved my answer was correct using algebra. (year 8)

is independent of all companies and organisations. It was created by Andrew Blair, a secondary school teacher, to promote inquiry learning in mathematics classrooms and is being developed in collaboration with teachers from around the world. Their experiences and reflections enrich its pages.

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 Inquiry Maths posts and news

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