This presentation was given by Caitriona Martin in December 
2014 at the Surrey Maths Network (UK) to teachers of mathematics. It includes examples of inquiries from Caitriona's own classroom.
The original presentation (slide 7) had a clip of Jo Boaler saying: "If you ask a mathematician what they do, they'll say that they always start by having to have a good question - to pose a question. Students never do that in maths classrooms. They may ask questions for help, but 
actually being immersed in a mathematical situation and coming up with a question doesn't happen." Teaching students to pose mathematical questions is one key aim of inquiry maths.


Below is the presentation used during the inquiry maths workshop at the National Mathematics Teacher Conference, Kettering (UK), in September 2014.

This is a presentation given by Dr. Daniela Vasile (Head of Mathematics, South Island School, Hong Kong) during a workshop for 30 teachers on October 3, 2014. Inquiry maths is set in the wider context of inquiry learning.

TES interview
(June 2013)

Podcast 9
Join Craig Barton, adviser for secondary maths at the Times Educational Supplement, for the ninth episode of the TES Maths Podcast – your monthly dose of mathematical debate, ideas and resources. This episode Craig Barton is joined in the studio by Andrew Blair, an experienced Head of Department and the man behind the incredibly exciting website Inquiry Maths. On this episode we talked about running a successful inquiry-based lesson, and the changing role of the Head of Department (including sound advice for anyone thinking of taking up the role).