More on the number line inquiry

posted 10 Oct 2012, 12:20 by Unknown user
Caitriona Martin (from St Andrew's Catholic School in Leatherhead, Surrey) has contacted the website with her experiences of using the number line inquiry. She writes:

"I did the number line inquiry with my middle set year 9 and top set year 7 today. I was really impressed by some of my year 9s who managed to prove it algebraically. They were saying that it was true for any number because they had tried quite a few, so I challenged them to prove it was true for every number. Once we’d decided there were too many numbers in the world to try, I asked them how they could represent any number and they were off!

Even better, this was the first experience I have had where pupils have needed to use maths which was currently outside their skill set – these girls were desperate to know how to multiply using algebra and how to multiply out brackets. It was a fantastic feeling to get to that point where they are self-motivated to learn a new skill.

Some of my year 7s took it down really interesting routes. One of them started using Fibonacci numbers in a sequence, rather than a traditional number line and found that the difference was always 1! 

Both classes enjoyed the experience and I’ll be making it a regular feature with them."